Recycled Bomb Chopsticks
Recycled Bomb Chopsticks
Recycled Bomb Chopsticks

Recycled Bomb Chopsticks

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Here at iDoserMerch.com we are constantly on the lookout for the world’s most unique and exotic items. This is one of them! The Recycled Bomb Chopsticks instantly caught our eye. Though an exclusive, we can offer you these absolute unique and functional works of art, hope, and unity. Laos is the most heavily bombed country per capita in the world. From 1963-1973, Laos became an unwitting pawn during the Second Indochinese War. During this time, the US Air Force dropped a planeload of cluster bombs every eight minutes for nine consecutive years. Right after the war, villagers began gathering aluminum from exploded bombs and made it into beautiful products like these Recycled Bomb Chopsticks. Turning war into peace, these bombshell chopsticks carry a meaningful message and give back to a community once devastated by bombing. These truly unique chopsticks will be the conversation piece of any meal!


  • Recycled aluminum bomb parts
  • Handmade with love in Laos 
  • As with all handcrafted goods, there are slight variations
  • Each piece a work of art and truly one of a kind


  • L 8.25"