Calibrated HDR Smart Algorithmic Headphones

ORIONS: Calibrated HDR Smart Algorithmic Headphones

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The Orions are the world’s first calibrated HDR smart algorithmic headphones. Orions are custom-built from the ground-up to provide meditation, mindfulness, or music across a greater frequency range than other headphones on the market today! HDR Calibrated means the Orions are able to provide the perfect combination of subwoofer, mid-range, and high-frequency response unlike anything you have ever heard from portable headphones. IPX5 Waterproof means they are perfect for mindfulness activity like hiking, yoga, or bicycling. Upgrade to the Orions today and experience the world’s first Calibrated HDR Smart Algorithmic Headphones designed from the ground-up for perfect mindfulness, meditation, or just music.


  • World’s First Calibrated HDR Smart Algorithmic Headphones
  • Amazing Frequency Range
  • Calibrated Sub, Mid, and High-Frequency Response
  • Perfect-Fit Technology
  • Dimensions: 2.2"H x 7.1"L x 5"W
  • Bluetooth distance: 10 meters
  • Working time: approx 6 hours
  • Charging time: approx 30 minute
  • Ultra-Fast Charging
  • Suitable for Mindful Activities (Hiking, Yoga, Bicycling)