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GamerBudz The LED 360 Sound Earbuds Designed for Gamers

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Introducing GamerBudz: The 360 Sound Earbuds Designed for Gamers - Unleash Gaming Potential! Are you ready to level up your gaming experience? GamerBudz presents the ultimate fusion of sound and style with our LED 360 Sound Earbuds. Step into a world where immersive audio meets dazzling visual effects, creating an unparalleled gaming adventure like no other. Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with GamerBudz. Designed for gamers, these earbuds offer a 360-degree sound experience that transports you right into the heart of the action. Every explosion, every footstep, and every whispered conversation will come to life with remarkable clarity and precision. Get ready to hear your games like never before! But GamerBudz takes it a step further. Stand out from the crowd with our innovative LED light designs. These mesmerizing lights pulsate and dance, creating a captivating visual spectacle that enhances your gaming atmosphere. Be the envy of your friends and opponents as your GamerBudz earbuds become a vibrant visual extension of your gaming persona.


  • Non-inductive zero extension for games
  • Cool breathing light, no sense, low latency
  • Listening to distinguish position, 360 stereo sound.
  • Bluetooth version: V5.1 version
  • Bluetooth distance:10-12 meters
  • Speaker specification:13mm*2
  • Product size:40mm*18mm*24mm
  • Headset battery:35mAh/401010
  • Product weight:48g
  • Charging case battery:350mAh/702030
  • Charging case size:80mm*45mm*30mm